Cultivating Confidence Through Yoga

About a month ago I sat down for my routine monthly check-in meeting with my SVP, a new practice that she started with all her direct reports throughout the year to discuss workload, accounts, get feedback on current projects, and overall check in.  

In my last check-in Cindy mentioned that I need to step it up with the confidence.  This is not news for me, I have not been feeling confident lately and as I reflect on my life, it is something I know I have struggled with inwardly while I mask it with setting goals and achieving them.   I can complete a 500-hour yoga certification, lead a non-profit group, chair a charity gala raising over $1MM, and run half marathons, but I hold back speaking and leading in my everyday life. 

I’ve been enrolled in my 300-hour yoga teacher training since September during which I’ve been diving into the non-physical aspects of the yoga practice including the Yamas and the Niyamas, inner and outer ethical behaviors to guide the way that we live in the world.  Since that conversation I’ve been observing how these behaviors can guide my life and where I have not been living in the true practice of yoga.   I’ve been wanting to start this blog for a while and as my final project for my 300-hour teacher training my next posts will document how these behaviors can guide our actions.  If we truly live by them, we have no choice but to be confident and honest individuals. 

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