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What Have I Been Up To? Back to Blogging!

In 2017 I successfully fulfilled my New Year’s resolution which was to teach more yoga. My resolution in 2018, was to elevate myself as a yoga teacher by deepening my practice and marketing myself. Having published a written piece for the yoga blog Yoganonymous (RIP) I that detailed how yoga teacher training enhanced my career, my intention was to start a blog to shed more light on how yoga philosophy impacts our lives every day. The blog would be a marketing tool that would deepen my practice at the same time. I had a friend create a logo and bought a Url and created the shell of a Facebook page but did not create much content.

Unfortunately I overcommitted myself with my extra curricular activities. I continued to teach within a wonderful community and was asked to chair a charity gala which consumed the first 6 months of the year. The rest of the year I prioritized fun and my new boyfriend.

I did deepen my practice though by starting my 300 hour certification through Boston Yoga School at JPCentre Yoga in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts. The 300 hour has been an opportunity to study and reflect on yoga practices off the mat. Despite being in training, I find that I am practicing yoga on a deeper level. I don’t go to class that much, but I am deepening my relationship with practicing “of the mat”. Our 300 hour requires a final project on a topic of our choice and I am using this time to launch my blog. I intend to discuss how we can lead in our careers and our relationships using the non-physical practices of yoga in our every day lives.

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