Relationships, Transitions

When Living in Truth Leads to a Break Up

It was the beginning of April and I was four months into a break with my boyfriend. Neither of us were moving on, yet neither of us were fully committed to each other. It was around that time that I started exploring how the concept of truthfulness shows up in my life. When you're forced… Continue reading When Living in Truth Leads to a Break Up

Career Management, Yamas & Niyamas

Practicing Ahimsa in the Workplace

The first yama is Ahimsa which translates to “non-harming” or “non-violence”.  Non-violence not only means abstaining from acts of violence, but also words or thoughts that do harm.  Gossip, passive aggressiveness, being pessimistic are all ways that we put harmful energy into the world without knowing it.   In his book “Yoga for a World Out of Balance,”… Continue reading Practicing Ahimsa in the Workplace